Adopt-A-Grade has raised more than $20,000 for teachers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 27, 2019

Over the past four years, Christopher and Donna Lawrence have raised more than $20,000 with their Adopt-A-Grade program.

“Every year we have been able to adopt every grade in the school,” Mrs. Lawrence said. “It started as a way to make sure that our grandson had all of the school supplies that he needed. They always send the list of school supplies, and we just bought all of the extra supplies for his teacher. It just expanded year after year to where we cover all of the grades.”

Lawrence said they try to make sure that every teacher in the school has an extra $100 to spend on school supplies.

Teachers at AES receive instructional funds with which to purchase supplies, but it does not give them the freedom to buy things such as a printer or a broom.

“I try to explain to most people what we do to help the teachers,” Lawrence said. “Then they can do whatever they want to do. Like, I keep in contact with all of my teachers all year long to provide them with whatever they need. For example, on field day I make sure that they have enough money to buy each kid a snow cone. I know that the teachers are going to buy them one if a kid doesn’t have the money. So, it makes it easier for them.”

Some classes at the elementary school cover all grades such as physical education, art and music, counseling and the library.

“We try to get businesses to donate for these individual programs, as well,” Lawrence said. “Since they reach the entire school, they need supplies too. For example, McDonald’s adopted art and P.E. one year and last year, John and Faye Vick adopted art.”

Lawrence is still looking for more adopters.

“This is an easy way a business can give back to the community,” Lawrence said. “We still have a lot of spots open and we will take whatever donation comes our way.”

Several businesses that have donated in the past are Murphy Management, Lori and Rhett Enzor of Tropical Smoothie and Little Ceasar’s; Todd and Anna Pate of Covington Heavy Duty; A&A Welding Supply; Jeffery Douglas of Mr. Mattress; Hunter Owen of Andalusia Ford; Chris and Donna Lawrence of Christopher’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry; Lisa and Jim Locklier; and a number of anonymous donors.

For additional information, contact Lawrence at Christopher’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, 334-222-4925.