Schulz finishes 12th at Youth World

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Straughn’s Grace Schulz finished in 12th place in the teen girls’ division this weekend at the National Barrel Horse Association’s Youth World Championship in Perry, Ga.

“I love that everyone there is always supporting each other,” Schulz said our close knit the rodeo community is.

Schulz said that it was a special experience to compete in the Youth World Championship.

“Getting to be on Rodeo TV was new to me,” Schulz said. “I’ve never done that so it was fun to watch my run from different angles.”

In between runs, Schulz said there was a lot of things to do.

“When I wasn’t running, we would go and look at new products for my horse,” Schulz said. “There was a lot of things to do.”

Schulz said that her horse was dealing with an injury.

“We rode every night and I was happy with my times,” Schulz said. “Monday was hard on my horse. I found out that night that his hip was out of place and was very sore. With help from others and using CEP products, we were able to pull the soreness out of his back and his butt. We took almost a full second off our time on Friday. When we run, things like this happen.”

Schulz said she has a special bond with her horse.

“I’ve had Streakin for four years,” Schulz said. “When you spend time almost every day working together, we build a bond. He is special. The best way I’ve heard it described was it’s like poetry in motion. Horses don’t understand money or what sacrifices we take to get to do these shows. All they know is that they are trying their best for you because of the bond you build.”

Barrel racing is something Schulz said she loves.

“I love barrel racing,” Schulz said. “When you step into that arena, everything leaves your mind and it’s just you and your horse. All of your focus is thinking about your next move. I don’t hear anything until I stop in the alley.”