God has a will and direction for me

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 7, 2019

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How do we know what God wants us to do?  Of course the Bible is a guide to our direction, as well as the wisdom of others, and our own prayers and insights as we take time to ask God what He would want us to do. Some of us have found spiritual direction in the form of a spiritual director and that person can be very helpful to making any wise decisions or not.  ( I had a good one in Texas when I lived there.  Now we just e mail which is at least some help)

Many do not get to this point of going in the right path,  which is a recipe for a kind of Jonah experience in our lives. ( Remember he endured travel inside a great fish’s belly and then was vomited out!) We do want to follow His commandments and His will if we are followers of Him.

Lloyd Ogilvie in his book, “ Discovering God’s Will In Your Life” made this point which I found very helpful,…” Our basic question in discovering guidance is to ask, ‘ Will this decision free me to impact the lives of people with the gospel?  ‘”  He goes on to say that “ we can be sure any job, marriage, move, investment or expenditure which leads us away from being a communicator of the Lord is not best for us or His purpose in our lives.”

We need to make a list and do it with thoughtful time and prayer.  A move can be the answer , or it may not be if it is not reasonable in terms of cost , etc…. On the other hand we can be led to go to another job,  if it seems right and no red lights or bells go off in our head as we contemplate the decision.  Time is our ally here. My mother used to say many times which made me think, “ Haste makes waste!”  She stopped me with that quote.

If you want to discover more I think we need to reflect on what God is leading us to do.  Of course as Ogivlie points out, “ most of us choose our pain. The limitations of what we are doing are more sure than the uncertainty of the future out of the comfort of the rut.”

Jesus did call us to deny ourselves and take up our cross.  We should pray as He did, “ Not my will , but thine be done!”

It takes walks in the country ( that can be found any where in this lovely town),  and meditation upon His Word to reflect on the right path.  There does not seem to be a yellow brick road which would be quite easy to get to the place He directs.  But if we remember that wonderful tale of Oz we recall that Dorothy had many dangers and difficulties before she got to see the Wizard.

My parting thought is to take one’s time, listen to God through His people, His Word and see His light which we will see if we persevere and do not give up to know which way to go next.

David D. Mc Millan , retired Anglican pastor ( Traditional) ,  & priest

( Chaplain, Major , US Army, ret.)