Heat could cause issues for farmers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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The furnace is still turned on in Covington County as temperatures will stay in the 100s and 90s with no rain, which could cause a problem for farmers, according to Covington County Extension Office director Chuck Simon.

“We are going to need some rain really soon,” Simon said. “I think the cotton will be fine and maybe the peanuts, but they can’t take the heat forever. Soon, pastures will be dried out and they will wilt. We are already having farmers get hay, but they are going to have to start feeding it to their livestock soon. This heat is seriously oppressive to the livestock.”

Not only are the pastures and the livestock being affected by the heat, but the farmers themselves are also getting put at risk.

“Most of them have air-conditioned cabs,” Simon said. “But it is still blisteringly hot outside. They do know what to do when it gets too hot though.”

One thing that Simon noticed around the county is that people are cutting their yards too short during this time of heat.

“Homeowners, please do not cut your yard short during this heat,” Simon said. “It is killing the grass. They need to leave at least an inch more than what they are cutting because the grass will dry up if it is cut too short.”