Group of citizens organize petition to keep Soggy Bottom closed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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A group of Covington County citizens are petitioning to keep Soggy Bottom Tavern from reopening.

The bar closed in June 2018, after the death of Zadarios McCaskill, who was shot in the chest at the bar.

The petition states that the citizens are concerned for the safety and well being of their community.

“Since the bar originally opened there have been several problems in our neighborhood,” the petition states. “For example, people driving way above the speed limit on Caton Road., as well as County Road 21. There are children that live near the location of the tavern. Beer cans and bottles are thrown all over the road and in the ditches. Drunk drivers leave the road and running into the embankment just past the bridge on Caton Road or drive off of the bridge. A person that is drunk/high has gone inside and demanded to be let inside. People leave the bar and sitting in their vehicles in front of houses blaring music after midnight. People leave the bar with alcohol and hang out in the parking lot after the bar closes. People pull up to houses/barns at all hours of the night looking for the bar.”

Since the bar has been closed, the petition states there have not been any incidents like the above-mentioned items.

“We are concerned that if the request to open as a club is granted, which allows them to be open seven days a week, we will never have a lull from the things that go on in our community because of the establishment,” The petition states. “We do not feel that it is fair to the people in our community to suffer because of someone’s lack of concern for their fellow human beings and just plain greed of money.”

The commission made a motion to allow a public hearing on the issue scheduled for the next regularly scheduled meeting, which is Tues., Sept. 24 at 9 a.m.

The commission also:

  • Approved sponsoring the 2019 Farmer’s Banquet.
  • Approved a software agreement for the revenue commissioner’s office.
  • Approved an agreement with the town of Sanford.
  • Announced board appointments.