Five Runs Farm plans to open next month

Published 12:06 pm Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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For six years, Tabitha Sasser has always wanted to build her own venue. Now, with the help of her friend Abigail Powell, that dream has become a reality.

Five Runs Farm is scheduled to open in October as a multi-event venue.

“I had this idea in the back of my head for six years, but I just kept sweeping it under the rug,” Sasser said. “My daughter goes to daycare at Dimples and Abigail, who works there, is married to my cousin. She came to me one day and said, ‘Let’s build a venue,’ I didn’t think she was serious. She told me that she liked to do hair and makeup and loved to cater and that I loved to do everything else. It just started as a conversation over the phone saying ‘Let’s build a venue.’”

The plan began in March of 2018 and building began in July.

“The building is up now, the walls on the inside are going up now and everything is coming along,” Sasser said. “We are supposed to be up and running by October 1.”

The venue has already started booking events.

“We have a baby shower at the end of September,” Sasser said. “We have two weddings and a birthday party in October. We have the Full Tummy Project in November, a birthday party in December and March is almost all booked.”

Sasser got into the wedding planning business by DJing.

“I DJed for about 10 years,” Sasser said. “My dad and I would do several weddings a year. During that time, we started out only DJing, but after a while, it evolved into me doing everything from directing to planning a wedding. I kept on doing it, so I figured I might as well open up my own venue and have all of it included. Every venue that I go to, I find something that I don’t necessarily like. So, if I had my own then I could make it the way that I wanted it.”

She envisions her venue to be a very simple and down to earth place.

“We are just very simple and down to earth people,” Sasser said. “I really want that atmosphere to be the same. We don’t want it to just be a wedding venue. We want people to come in and hold birthday parties, anniversary parties and we want people to come and have gender reveals or football parties. We want to cater to anybody and everybody. We want their day, whatever the day may be, to be as simple as possible.”

The wedding package for the venue is $7,500, which includes everything for a Friday and Saturday night except for flowers and photography.

“We are going to take care of you,” Sasser said. “You will literally walk in with whatever decorations that you want to use and we will set them up for you. We will direct for you, DJ for you and cater for you. The building will hold about 500 people comfortably and we have an outside patio that we are going to set up with a bar and two TVs for football games.”

Sasser said the support from the community has been incredible.

“We have been very, very fortunate and very happy with the success and attention we are getting,” Sasser said. “We are getting calls left and right and it is amazing to us.”