Ministerial Column: God is the giver of life

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 28, 2019

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There is over 7 billion people living somewhere on this place we call earth. Now have you ever tried to calculate how people have ever lived in the world?  Now just think every single person is uniquely designed by God. Every person is distinct and have their own set of prints. How can billions and billions of people be so a like and so different. This can be answered by one word. God, he is the master creator. I believe all life is precious to him.  It seems to me that the value of life has become devalued by some people. This all started in Gen. 4:8; Cain attacked Abel and killed him.  Through all the generations there has been the continual devalue of life. The acts of murder, people killed in war, suicides, accidents are some of the ways people die. God values all life. The scripture says that he knows even when a sparrow falls. God has created it all.  God sustains life for us.  God created human life as the crown of his creation.  However sinfulness cause us to be separated from God.  In the fullness of time he sent the Word of God to become the Son of God that he might redeem us and restore us by reconciling us to him by the remission of our sins when we repent. Salvation through Christ is available to all.

There is a ministry in Covington County that was established in 1991, Sav-A-Life. A ministry to those who have an unplanned pregnancy or need assistance in their pregnancy. I have had the unique privilege to serve as one of the board of directors since 1994. I still remember the day I received a phone call about serving as a director. I was new to Andalusia. I have been prolife my entire adult life. I don’t know when I made that choice but I have always understood that life is precious. There is a lot being said about how life matters. If you have a proper understanding about God as creator then you must conclude that life is valuable. I firmly believe that God is prolife because he creates life.

  Consider the reason for Sav-a-life. To assist, mainly young women, who are pregnant to understand how precious that life is that God has given her? If that person will seek our help we will give her guidance in making good choices for her and her baby. We will give her guidance not only through her pregnancy but will continue to help her after she has delivered. The ministry of Sav-a-life goes further by providing an education program to help girls and boys make better decisions about the value of life. On September 23, the annual Sav-A-Life banquet was held. This annual event is designed to celebrate the ministry, provide information and raise support for expenses. If you attended, thank you. If you were not able to attend this year. Start planning ahead for next year. One of the scriptures used in the program was Psalm 139: 14-17. These verses are about an adult who has come to the understanding of the creation of his life when he was in his mother’s womb. This is a summary of those verses. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works. My substance was not hid from you when I was made in secret. Your eyes saw my substance. I was imperfect but you fashioned me. How precious are your thoughts of me? There is a great number of them.

Medical technology can track the developing baby and that knowledge proves the truth of this passage. God had ultrasound from the beginning. Now we can have pictures of a developing baby but God knew along the way.  What a tragedy that some mothers and fathers do not realize wonderful that life is so precious. If you want more information or would like to become part of the Sav-A-Life ministry call the office 222-0644.

I believe God has plan that would solve this problem of the devaluing of life. A man and a woman unite together in marriage. In the process of their marriage they have a baby and they seek God’s direction and instruction to bring that child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Respect one another. Seek to live at peace with all people. Guard yourself by being alert. Seek protection from those who would do you harm.  Seek to follow Gods plan for life. If we will follow his plan we will experience all the blessing God wants to give to us.