ACS, OCS report slight increases in enrollment

Published 6:51 pm Friday, October 4, 2019

County schools down slightly

Andalusia City Schools is seeing a slight uptick in the number of students enrolled, while Covington County Schools is experiencing a small decline.

Each year, systems are required to submit enrollment numbers that record average daily membership (ADM) or daily enrollment.

Those numbers, which are gathered based on attendance the first 20 days after Labor Day, are used to determine the level of funding for a system, which includes teacher salaries for the next budget year. Andalusia City Schools saw an increase of 71 students over last year.

Watson said that number includes the three preschool classes and a big kindergarten class.

This year’s kindergarten class has 161 students in it. Other larger classes include 151 in first grade; 144 in fifth grade; 155 in seventh grade and 164 in 10th grade.

Superintendent Ted Watson said that the other classes are in the 130-range.

Total enrollment is 1865 including the preschool classes.

Andalusia Elementary School has 1066 students enrolled, an increase of 40 over last year’s enrollment; Andalusia Junior High School has 285 students enrolled an increase from 261 last year; and Andalusia High School has seven more students than last year at 514.

Covington County Schools saw a decrease of 45 students one that officials say is part of the normal fluctuation of students in and out of the school system.

Superintendent Shannon Driver said they have lost some students to homeschooling, but the majority of the loss is just the norm.

“We’ll trend up one year and down the next,” he said. “It’s very normal.”

Overall Covington County Schools has an enrollment of 2,921.

Fleeta Junior High School, 181;

Florala High School, 244;

Pleasant Home School, 295;

Red Level Elementary, 280;

Red Level High, 247;

Straughn Elementary, 558;

Straughn Middle School, 276;

Straughn High School, 394;

WS Harlan, 246;

Opp City Schools saw an increase in student enrollment of 61 students over last year.

Superintendent Michael Smithart said that there are 526.67 at Opp Elementary School, 408 at Opp Middle School and 375.04 at Opp High School.