RLHS earns ‘B” on state report card

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 2, 2019

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Despite dropping three points from last year, Red Level High School is still a “B” school and principal Randy McGlaun feels they are headed in the right direction.

On RLHS’ 2017-2018 report card, they scored an 84. On the 2018-2019 report card, they scored an 81.

“I still feel as though we are headed in the right direction and will continue to build on our objective of student success in all areas,” McGlaun said. “Most important is our faculty and staff’s belief that we are working toward a goal that is much bigger than ourselves. Another positive is that we still have room for growth and will accept the challenge which lies before us.”

The future, to McGlaun, is bright at RLHS.

“I see a number of reasons to be optimistic with the direction RLHS is headed,” McGlaun said. “We have been able to hire and or retain faculty who are professionals and willing to learn how to help identify student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their own. Next, I look at our curriculum as a living document that is modified or edited constantly to better serve our student body as we are concerned with the ‘whole’ child. For example, by supplementing our curriculum with art, technology and communication courses along with a faculty who modify instructional strategies, an intervention program (RTI) that works efficiently and effectively we are generating a sense of competency and understanding our students will have long after they leave us.”

One area that Red Level did improve on was chronic absenteeism.

“Obviously, this is a team effort but I feel as though we have excelled in a few areas,” McGlaun said. “Data overwhelming proves that students are most at risk for failure due to chronic absenteeism, which is multiplied by several factors when they reach high school. Covington County Schools and LBWCC teaming together to offer a dual enrollment program has been a blessing. Students who previously had no transportation or funds for college are now provided the opportunity without worry of either. In fact, many students can have their college degrees when they receive their high school diploma. Next, we are fortunate to have counselor Melissa Nall, who works tirelessly to modify our curriculum and a faculty willing to adjust their schedule to accommodate those attending dual enrollment and as well as the new class offerings. Last but not least, Joseph Carter, our assistant principal, has done a fantastic job communicating with our students and their parents on a daily basis regarding absences. It is our pledge to create a culture of consistency, fairness, responsibility and accountability throughout the school.”

McGlaun said he believes his faculty and students are completely prepared to improve their score this coming year.

“ While we expect our students to take ownership of their educational experience, we must help guide them along the way,” McGlaun said. “The teachers I remember most are those who had high expectations, held me accountable and were always there steer me in the right direction.  So, as we celebrate student successes that are not always attached to a letter grade, I have asked our students, staff and faculty to do the same.  I am privileged to work for Covington County Schools, proud to be Principal at RLHS and blessed to associated with all stakeholders of RLHS.”