Locals share what they’re thankful for this year

Published 7:40 pm Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on the things for which we are most thankful.

The Star-News asked readers what they are most thankful for this season.

“This year I’m thankful for so many things,” said Laura Watson. “Most thankful to have gained a relationship with Jesus. Thankful to have my mom still living along with six brothers and sisters. Thankful to have found a church that listens and a Sunday school teacher that if you need prayers on a specific day will pray on that day. Next, I’m thankful to have attained by driver’s license. I’m thankful to have a roof over my head, a bedroom and bed to call my own, and a vehicle to zoom around town in. I’m also thankful for my phone that allows me to keep contact with my friends both near and far.”

Joni Bozeman said she’s also thankful for Jesus.

“First and foremost, I’m thankful for Jesus Christ,” she said. “I don’t want to even imagine my life without him being first in it. I thank him so much for my girls that he has allowed for me to raise and love and my grandchildren that he has blessed me with. I am so thankful that he gave me a husband that loves me unconditionally, even though, I know there are times that I am not lovable at all, and for the rest of my precious family and friends. He has brought me and my family through so much, and I know in my heart that it was him and nothing or anyone else. Thank you Jesus for everything.”

Robin Davis Clark said, “I am thankful for Jesus who without him, I would not have any of the things that I am thankful for.”

Melinda Carrasco said that she is thankful to have both of her children home so that she can hug them tight and know they are safe.

“Praying for the families that are not able to do that today,” she said.

Donna Bush Taylor said she’s thankful she grew up in Andalusia.