Florala eyes continued success in ‘20

Published 5:59 pm Friday, December 27, 2019

Florala mayor Terry Holley said there are several things in 2019 that he could highlight, but he is looking toward improvement in 2020.

“We had a lot to be proud about in Florala in 2019,” Holley said. “We had a lot of new businesses come in like Southern Independent Bank and they have been providing us a new great service. The Christmas Parade was also great, as usual.”

Holley said participating in Alabama Communities of Excellence is another highlight that will last throughout 2020.

“ACE is just a great program overall,” Holley said. “We work daily on improving as an ACE community and we are going to be working hard during 2020 to complete that. I am also going to a mayor’s conference in February to meet with four other mayors to talk about economic improvement and other things so we can work together to improve the state.”

One of the main things that went well this past year for Florala is people working together, Holley said.

“We have a lot of people in Florala working together and that is a big plus for us,” Holley said. “When you have people work together, you can accomplish a lot of things.”

Looking forward, Holley said there are several events in Florala in 2020 that he is excited about.

“We have Cancer Freeze coming up that will bring a lot of people to the town,” Holley said. “Again, we are making strives every day. We have some announcements that we are going to make in the New Year and I’m excited for those, as well. Everything that we improve here in Florala is an improvement for the county, as well. So, we are happy to see things coming along.”