53 tornado warnings went off in Covington County in past decade

Published 6:37 pm Friday, January 3, 2020

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According to IEM, an organization that works with government agencies and private sector organizations around the world to improve disaster preparedness, response and recovery, Covington County had 53 tornado warnings in the past decade.

Covington County Emergency Management Agency director Susan Harris said that though the number is probably accurate, the size of the tornadoes does make a difference.

“Although that is a lot of tornado warnings, the strength and size of the tornadoes is the difference here,” Harris said. “We usually don’t have as strong of tornadoes as the north of the state does. We usually have zeroes or maybe a one. That’s all with my experience with the EMA, though.”

With tornado season slowly approaching, Harris said it is important to already be prepared.

“Tornado season is usually March, April and May,” Harris said. “People need to already have several means of getting notifications and especially a backup. Everybody, of course, has a cell phone, but if a cell tower goes down and they don’t have service they need to have a way of getting information. We suggest the NOAA radios and we will use the sirens as a way for people to know about severe weather. Another thing that I encourage people to do already is find a place that is safe. They may not have a tornado shelter, but they can find the safest place in their mobile home and already know where it is. The main thing is to be prepared. No matter what the numbers say, people need to be prepared.”