Opp loses close one to Houston Academy

Published 7:53 pm Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Houston Academy defeated Opp in a close contest Monday night, 47-45.

Erik Matthew lead the varsity boys with 16 points and Bryan Matthews had 14.

In varsity girls action, Houston Academy won 55 to 25.

Vanessa Stoudemire had 12 points.

In JV boys, Houston Academy won 55 to 48.

Zaccheaus Lindsey had 19 points; JaKanye Mount and Terry Davis had nine points each.

Over the weekend, the Bobcats defeated Geneva 65 60 56.

Bryan Matthews lead with 16 points; Erik Matthews had 13 points and Zee Ridgeway had 10 points.

Geneva defeated Opp’s girls 56 to 23.

Stoudemire had 11 points.

The JV boys beat Geneva 47-43.

Lindsey scored 16 points, Davis had 12 and Mount had nine.