Memolusia uses sentimental theme to honor past alumni

Published 7:49 pm Friday, February 7, 2020

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Memolusia 2020’s theme this year was used to honor those that have performed on the stage before this year’s contestants.

Andalusia High School Memolusia sponsor Becky Garner said the nod to “If They Could See Us Now,” from the 1966 musical Sweet Charity was the theme this year.

“It was very sentimental and sweet,” Garner said. “Since we were in the new auditorium, we wanted to flashback to the people that performed on the stage before us.”

The girls in each class did their promenade to different songs in the time period of each person they were honoring.

“It was so great because each grade represented people that have done fabulous things on that same stage,” Garner said. “For example, the seventh and 11th graders did their promenade to ‘Addicted to Love,’ which was a song that the band performed when Jim Nettles was the band director. Paula Sue Dubelt was another person that did 20+ musicals on that stage. So, a class walked out to ’76 Trombones,’ from The Music Man, to honor her. The seniors walked out to ‘Put on a Happy Face,’ which is a nod to the 1965 musical Bye Bye Birdy, which Mayor Earl Johnson played the lead in, as well as Paula Sue Dubelt. The 10th graders walked out to the Star Wars theme song to honor Dawn Thompson and all of the hours that she put into the homecoming skits that we are so very proud of.”

For Garner, the best part of Memolusia this year was seeing the progress of the show.

“I think seeing the confusion in the beginning and then beginning to see the vision of what we were trying to do come clear at the end was the best part,” Garner said. “The faculty at AHS really jumped in and did various things to help. It really was a group effort. Jerry Wishum helped with the theme tremendously by putting a New York Skyline on the stage and we put trees and bushes on stage to really make it like Sweet Charity.”

Winners by category were:

Ava Tomberlin – Jr. Miss Memolusia

Kinsley Stovall – Seventh grade Miss Congeniality and Finalist

Ingram Dugger – 11th grade Miss Congeniality

Mya Mitchell – 10th grade Miss Congeniality

Adeline Fischer – 10th grade Photogenic

Skylar York and Madeline Miller – 11th grade Beauties

Sarah Williams and Mallory Fountain – Ninth grade Beauties

Brie Lesley and Emma Taylor – 10th grade Beauties

Chloe Mikel – Third Runner Up

Andrea Bryant – Second Runner Up

Michaelyn Russell – First Runner Up

Annie Tomberlin – Miss Memolusia 2020