Opp Police pull older man from burning mobile home

Published 6:59 pm Friday, February 21, 2020

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Opp Police on Thursday pulled a male from a burning home on J. Entry Road just south of Opp.

According to the Opp Police Department, officers were dispatched to the mobile home fire around 2:30 p.m., with information that there could possibly be someone inside.

Haynes Ambulance Service was also dispatched to the location for a medical call and found the home was on fire.

When OPD officers arrived on scene they observed smoke and fire coming out of one of the windows.

“Officers snatched the front door open and then started yelling to see if they could hear someone inside,” said Opp Police Chief Kevin Chance. “Officers could hear someone moaning. Officers then shined flashlights inside and observed a person inside laying on the floor.”

Chance said that officer Chad Duffell went into the burning home and removed furniture out of the way.

Lt. Donnell Weatherford and Lt. Heather Koerner then went into the mobile home and removed an old male.

Paramedics assisted the male subject while Duffell sprayed water on the fire extinguishing most of the fire.

The older male was transported by ambulance to Mizell Memorial Hospital, where he was treated.

One officer was treated for smoke inhalation.

“What these there officers did was a courageous act and hopefully saved this person’s life,” Chance said. “I’m proud to say they work for Opp PD.”