Former police officer releases debut children’s book

Published 6:11 pm Monday, February 24, 2020

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Former Covington County Sheriff’s deputy and Florala police officer Bruce Maddox has published his debut children’s book, Bandit Gets a New Home.

Maddox is a lifelong resident of Florala and has worked in law enforcement for 29 years. He has worked with the Florala Police Department, Covington County Sheriff’s Office for 10 years and then worked with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. In November 2018, he retired for a year, but starting working for the DeFuniak Springs Office of the City Marshall in November 2019 as a detective.

“I wanted to write a children’s book because I have worked in investigation for a very long time and I have seen so many children in bad situations,” Maddox said. “If I could just bring a smile to a child’s face for even just a minute, it is something that I wanted to do.”

In his book, Maddox brings to life true stories of life on his farm with his dog Bandit.

“My wife and I got Bandit, a border collie, for our farm a few years ago,” Maddox said. “From the first day when we picked him out, we knew he had a special personality and a loving disposition. What we didn’t know was how entertaining he could be. He has brought our family much joy and happiness over the years with his curious, adventurous character. I wanted to share some of that joy, happiness, and adventures with children by writing these books. In this first book of Bandit’s Adventures, Bandit Gets a New Home, I tell the story of how Bandit came to live in his new home on our farm and how he got the name Bandit. I hope the children enjoy.”

Maddox never imagined being an author, but he said after his mother passed away from cancer, he promised her that he would send his stories to a publisher.

“My mom was an extremely talented artist,” Maddox said. “I always wanted her to be the illustrator for the books, but she ended up having cancer and losing her eyesight. A little bit before she passed, I promised her that I would send the stories to some publisher and that is why the book is in honor of her. I never expected to hear anything back. It was just something that I had on my heart.”

Now with the book available all over the nation, Maddox said it is a flattering and humbling experience.

“I just never thought that I would see my name on the front of a book,” Maddox said. “It is so flattering and humbling at the same time.”

Maddox said he hopes Bandit Gets a New Home will be a wholesome story for children everywhere.

“I just want children to smile when they read it,” Maddox said. “There are so many stories now a days that are not as wholesome as what we grew up with. I just want my book to be a book that children can grow up enjoying.”

Bandit Gets a New Home is available online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.