Published 10:08 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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White stays chairman, runoffs for District 2, 4


Greg White earned 51.51 percent of the vote for County Commission Chairman on Tuesday night.

White, who is the incumbent, defeated Kyle Adams and Bill Godwin.

Adams received 2,092 votes and Godwin received 2,092.

White won 4,003 votes.

“I am very excited to have and see what the next four years will hold,” he said. “It is always your hope to have no run off, I was very fortunate and blessed.”

Kenneth Northey defeated Kent Colquet 4,247 to 3,072 for 58.03 percent of the vote.

“I want to tell everyone thank you for supporting and I appreciate all the hard work that went into promoting me,” Northey said. “I look forward to another four years working to better this county.”

There will be a runoff in District 2 between Michael Smith and Joe Barton.

“I’m ready to run again,” Barton said. “I’m still in it to win it. I appreciate everyone who turned out to vote.”

Smith was also thankful for the voters.

“I am very honored and blessed at the support for my first time running,” he said. “Everyone remember this will be a long four weeks and remember to vote again.”

Smith earned 2,832 votes, Barton earned 2,827 votes, Michael Barton earned 1,595 votes.

There will be a runoff in District 4 between Tommy McGaha and Stephanie Snodgrass.

McGaha earned 3,253 votes and Snodgrass earned 2,091 votes.

Donald Clark also received 1,656 votes.

“First, let me say thank you to every person who cast a ballot on today’s race,” Snodgrass said. “To those who voted for me, there aren’t words enough to express my appreciation I had a dream to run for office, and because of you, I accomplished that. Heading into the runoff, I ask once again for your vote as we work to make Covington County a better place. With your help, we can accomplish great thing.”

McGaha said, “First, I want to thank all the voters who showed up and supported me. This couldn’t be done without you and I appreciate everything you’ve done thus far in my campaign. With that being, I humbly ask for those and more to come out and vote again in the runoff to put a conservative and principled voice for the people in the District 4 seat.”

The run off will be March 31.