Cross pleads guilty after allegedly taking money from Pleasant Home Youth football league

Published 11:04 am Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A Wing man pleaded guilty to theft of property after allegedly taking $1,778.64 from the Pleasant Home Youth Football and Cheer League.

Wesley Douglas Cross, 42, of Wing, pleaded guilty in December to theft of property first before Circuit Judge Charles A. “Lex” Short.

These charges came after members of the Pleasant Home Youth Football and Cheer League reported to the Covington County Sheriff’s Office that they suspected Cross, who was serving as the league’s president at the time, had misused league funds. Investigators from the Covington County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office opened a joint investigation into the allegations. During that investigation, officers obtained bank records and served search warrants at two locations, collecting substantial evidence against Cross. The end result of the investigation revealed that Cross had used $1,778.64 in league funds for personal purchases.

Of the case, District Attorney Walt Merrell said, “I want to commend not only the law enforcement officers who poured through the records in this case to find the evidence, but also the board members who were brave enough to come forward to right a wrong. The Pleasant Home Youth Football League is a non-profit organization ran strictly by volunteers who are attempting to better the lives of our children. They are a great group of people doing great work, and I appreciate those things. Cross’ actions are a violation of trust of the worst sort – stealing money from kids. He needs to serve time for what he did.”

The agreement sentenced Cross to a term of 48 months for theft of property I. Judge Short also ordered Cross to pay the full amount of restitution to the Pleasant Home Youth Football and Cheer League as a condition of his guilty plea.

Cross has applied for the benefits of probation, and a hearing has been set for March 31, 2020, at 9:00 a.m., Merrell is opposed to Cross receiving probation, and said he expects Cross to serve jail time for his crime.