In the middle of coronavirus outbreak, check on elderly

Published 3:07 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020

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Being a good neighbor during trying times is important. 

Coronavirus concerns are on everyone’s mind. 

One of the most important questions that looms large is how locals can help each other. 

But, how can locals make a difference? 

Social distancing is not equal to social isolation. 

Elderly do not need to be completely isolated. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers the elderly and people with chronic conditions It’s encouraged that you are checking on neighbors and elderly that are in need.

Savannah Terrace Assisted Living officials made personal calls and contacted family members of residents letting them know that their loved ones are in good hands during this difficult time. 

Administrator Lynn McCrory said, “That their goal and mission is to take care of the residents and they are trying to keep everything light hearted because this is their home.” 

Some ways that the staff has been helping the elderly cope without seeing their loved ones is by using technology. 

“Most of the residents have ipads and smartphones and the staff has been showing them how to facetime loved ones,” McCrory said. “They are so amazed that they can see their family members  even though they are not here with them.” 

Some ways that you can help the elderly include sending flowers, cards in the mail, or just picking up the phone and letting them talk to you about their day. 

Angie Cotton, owner of Alan Cotton’s Florist said they have been getting alot of deliveries out to elderly.

 This requires no contact and can be done over the phone or online at Alan Cotton’s Florist. If you do send a package or flowers to your loved ones or neighbors at assisted living homes it is required to meet at the door and hand the flowers or package off to a staff member. The packages will then be disinfected and delivered to your loved one. 

Encourage children to make cards for nursing homes, local hospices, and hospitals. 

They can do this by simply using creativity and drawing pictures. 

Make sure to call on seniors that are not in assisted living homes as well.

 People that live alone are also people that we as a community need to make sure we are checking on. Simply exchange contact information and ask them questions about anything they may need.