Andalusia Health announces new visitor rules

Published 2:08 pm Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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Andalusia Health has announced new procedures for visitors.

Merrill South, spokesperson for Andalusia Health issued the following statement:



“Out of an abundance of caution, Andalusia Health is taking great care to protect you, our staff, physicians and our patients. We are routing visitors to the front entrance of the facility. At that point of entry, we will provide a brief screening to include reading your temperature prior to entering the building. We will also provide you with a band that identifies that you have been screened for that day. A new band will be required each day you visit. Further, we are also limiting visitors to one per patient due to the need to limit contact in social and group settings. Please do not be alarmed when you see that visitor areas have been removed and the cafeteria has been closed to guests. All of these measures are to keep the community, patients, physicians, and staff safe. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community healthy.”