In light of closures, schools send home school work

Published 5:07 pm Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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Starting Thursday, Alabama schools will be closed for two and a half weeks as a precaution to help the spread of COVID-19. 

Local schools have been working non-stop to make sure they have sent students home with the right tools and preparations. 

Vivian Willis is a special education teacher for the Life Skills Class at Andalusia High School.

Willis said, “Since my students don’t get to do the normal classroom routine, they are still able to do modified classwork.

Willis made sure that all of her students were provided with resources and websites they can access with the help of their parents during the school closure.

“You can assist us by remaining vigilant but sensible in your approach to dealing with this health concern”, Willis said.

Mandi Morris, school counselor at Straughn Elementary School said teachers K-5 have been working very hard to send home packages of work for students at SES.

“Any kids that have not been at school have been able to send their parents to pick them up at the school office,” Morris said. “These packages include supplemental learning materials and enrichment learning resources. We are not sending home any text books at this time.  They are made for supplemental things they can do after Spring Break on the seven days of classes the students will miss.”

State superintendent Dr. Mackey will be meeting on March 30 to assess the situation to see if April 6, will be the day that students do return to school. 

“Our teachers have surveyed the students that attended this week to see how many kids would have access to computers,” Mackey said.  

Morris said teachers will know more when Mackey directs them after this time off. 

“We are able to communicate with parents through social media and email,” Morris said.  “I am excited to see all the teachers here at Straughn shine their light and hard work during this time. Teachers are trying to figure out how to do some video conferences, reading online bedtime stories and making sure to keep students and parents informed.”

Andalusia Elementary School has also distributed take home packages for each AES student Pre-K through fifth grade. 

The school also had parents pick up packets because many chose to keep their children at home.

Remember not all learning is done in the classroom. This is a great time to get creative with children and teach them skills around the home.