Gas prices continue to drop amid COVID-19 outbreak

Published 12:21 pm Thursday, March 26, 2020

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Alabama gas prices have fallen around 11 cents over the last week, AAA spokesperson Clay Ingram said.

“Our state average today is $1.89 per gallon,” he said. “That is 11 cents cheaper than a week ago and 47 cents cheaper than a year ago.”

He said there are reports of gas being $1.39 per gallon in some parts of Alabama.

“I expect prices to get lower before they start increasing again,” he said.

Ingram said that global demand is understandably low right now and the current supply is plentiful, which almost always drives lower gas prices.

“I think our demand will continue to drop due to the coronavirus, and we will see lower prices in the coming weeks,” he said.

A gas station in Kentucky recently sold gas for 99 cents per gallon, when asked if he thought that Alabama prices would drop that low Ingram said, “As you know, I can’t predict any certain price level, but it could potentially drop a good bit more.”

Locally gas prices are around $1.73 per gallon.