Southeast Gas working to protect consumers, employees during COVID-19

Published 1:45 pm Thursday, March 26, 2020

Southeast Gas released the following information about their contiguency plans during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Southeast Gas employs 187 people, and we serve 35 towns in 19 counties, so our workforce is scattered across the Southeast region of the state. Beginning early last week, we established protocol that includes social distancing not only as we work in our communities to provide essential services to our customers, but also as we work alongside other employees. On Friday, March 23, we temporarily closed our lobbies to the public and we also limited work inside occupied dwellings to emergency/urgent needs only, and we anticipate working in this capacity for the next several weeks. Our priority right now and as we move into the next weeks and months is keeping our communities, customers and fellow employees safe and healthy during this pandemic. Our offices remain fully staffed, and we are taking calls at our local offices during regular business hours. In addition, customers may make payments on-line, by text or by calling us at (800) 660-8683.


We’ve made arrangements for some of our workforce to work from home during this time, and increased cases of the virus in our area could result in additional employees working from home in the future. Our goal is to keep our employees healthy and at the same time allow them to continue working to serve our communities while maintaining heightened safety protocols. There is much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and our management team remains fluid as situations change day-to-day.


As a utility, many of our employees work outside a typical office environment. Daily, they are asked to travel to provide essential services for our communities. We appreciate their work and their safety is our priority. We are in this together with our local healthcare providers, our local takeout restaurants, our local grocery stores and our communities at large. The acts of service we’ve seen by our own personnel and so many of our customers have been incredible. We are here for Southeast Alabama now, and we will be here for Southeast Alabama when we’ve made it through this.