Outlaw Realty donates supplies to Andalusia Health nurses

Published 3:32 pm Thursday, April 16, 2020

By: Ora Nelson

Outlaw Realty has taken to delivering food to those on the front lines of COVID-19.

The real estate agency has taken to donating time, money, and kindness to workers in nursing homes and hospitals.

“We asked ourselves [at Outlaw Realty] what we could do to help,” said Outlaw. “I’m always looking to give back to the community. The increased free time has allowed us [at outlaw Realty] the time to think of ways to help.”

Outlaw was inspired by her daughter, Chelsea Williams, donations to the nurses in Tallahassee where she teaches and is a part-time realtor.

“We [Outlaw’s family] know about the stresses the situation is putting on the nurses and medical staff in the hospitals and nursing homes,’ said Outlaw.

“I know they go all day long,” said MaryAlyce Outlaw, owner of Outlaw Realty. “We’re trying to say thank you to the nurses. My nephew is a doctor and is working 12-hour shifts sometimes, I know how exhausting it is for them.”

Outlaw Realty made their first delivery to Andalusia Manor, a local nursing home, on March 31. Since then, the business has made other trips to the ICU unit at Andalusia Hospital and Comfort Care.

“My mother’s in the nursing home, and it’s the least I can do,” said Outlaw. “Tomorrow, we’re taking stuff to Comfort Care for their staff meeting. Comfort Care has been wonderful with my mother, and I wanted to give back to the community that’s helping.”

“I wanted to support local businesses as well,” said Outlaw. “So we’ve delivered pizza from Dominoes, Zaxby’s, and bags of treats to different [nursing] shifts.”

Outlaw Realty announced the decision to match the donations of anyone that donates to their cause.

“We haven’t been approached by anyone yet but if any businesses would like to, we’d certainly appreciate to partner up or donate so we can do others [nursing and medical staff] and will match it [their donations],” said Outlaw.

“We’ll continue to do it [deliver food to nursing staff] as long as people donate,’ said Outlaw.

Outlaw Realty is using the hashtag “#AndalusiaStrong” in social media posts about donating and encourages people to send donations to their Venmo [a mobile payment service owned by PayPal] “@Outlaw-Realty.”