Taylor Linens makes reusable masks

Published 9:14 pm Friday, April 24, 2020

By: Kaitlin Holley

From aprons, kitchen towels, floor mats, napkins, tablecloths, uniforms, hospitality linen, medical linen and janitorial supply Taylor Linen Service has been an essential business to Covington County.

However, since COVID-19 they have come up with a new way to service the community and stay in high demand.

Katherine Taylor Jones has been very proactive in the creative process of making masks with logos on them.

“The largest part of our business is fine dining which is table cloths and we are surviving and this is going to be vital for us,” Jones said. “It all started when the ladies in the back in the sewing repair department noticed that people were becoming nervous. Service guys were going to our customers and showing up with masks. We needed to identify ourselves better and that is why we got the idea to put the label on our masks.”

Protection is the number one priority at Taylor Linens, Jones said.

“Above all, we have to be protected to come to work every day. We went from sewing for our own protection to expanding the idea for every company’s protection,” Jones said.

Now the sewing repair team is helping every day and reutilizing their time.

“Additionally, we will be able to offer a sanitizing wash service for you and how many we pick up we will deliver back clean to you the following week,” Jones said. “The service only costs $1.00 per mask. We wash and service uniforms every day. We are making it out of all of the stuff that we have here on our sheets that are going to become rags. We started cutting them and upcycling. We are tying them with apron ties where we repair aprons and so they can fit behind the head and the masks are designated for comfort and are adjustable to adapt the shape of any face.”

“Where we fold thousands of hotel towels, washcloths, bath mats, spreads has now become the cutting and pleating station for our mask production,” Jones said. “The sewing department has always been here but working as the repair department for Taylor Linen but they have now gone strictly to sewing masks.

We process about 9 million pounds of reusable linen and uniforms a year so this fit right into our wheelhouse. We see the mask being a necessity for us to all be safe and courteous of each other as we get back out in the world. Especially for our restaurants trying to get their customers coming back in the doors of their favorite dining options, they will want to know the staff is being safe preparing their food.”

Masks are 5.99 and you can wash it yourself. It is washable and it will be something that a lot of people are going to need for their kitchens and work. Now they can wear masks and identify themselves with the options of adding logos to the masks.

“We are looking more in industrial production than just getting a mask for wear,” Jones said.

If you’re interested in purchasing facemasks for your team of employees please reach out to Taylor Linen Services at 800-821-7222 during business hours Monday-Friday.