Speeding an issue on some Opp streets

Published 3:26 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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Residents living on Opp’s North Jackson Street petitioned the Opp City Council Monday night to place speed breakers on their street after an increased amount of speeding through their neighborhood.

Speaking on behalf of residents who live on the street, Opp Police Department employee Vernon Cowart said there has been an increased amount of speeding in the 30 mph speed zone.

Cowart said property owners on the street are requesting a speed bump or something to help with reducing speed.

Cowart said that it was so bad that children couldn’t safely play outside.

Mayor Becky Bracke asked Cowart to leave the petition for the city council saying that she opposed speed bumps; however, she would talk to Opp Police Chief Kevin Chance about how to rectify the situation.

Bracke said that she had also received complaints in various areas of the city including Old Elba Road and College.

Cowart said they did not want the same height speed bumps that the city placed on Barnes Street.

City Councilman LaVaughn Hines said that the height should be the same or that they should cut down the height of the ones on Barnes Street.

The Barnes Street speed breakers force motorists to come to a complete stop.

Councilwoman Charlotte Hunt said she had also received complaints on South Jackson Street about speeding.

Those who have issues with speeding on their streets may sign a petition for a speed bump.

Additionally, locals may record tag numbers of speeders and report those to the police.

The council agreed that it seems that any cut through road in Opp is where a good bit of the speeding is.