Sewerage improvement project under way

Published 5:52 pm Friday, June 12, 2020

Suncoast  Infrastructure, Inc. has begun work on a major sewerage upgrade project for the City of

 Andalusia Utilities.


The new project includes rehabilitating approximately 143,000 linear feet of lines, as well as inspection and replacement of the piers which hold above-ground lines in place. It is designed to limit the stormwater infiltration, which will in turn extend the life of the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

Suncoast’s trenchless process is designed to be minimally intrusive into residents’ lives.

The project includes putting a camera into existing lines to determine if a line is cracked or deteriorated. If the line is damaged, a second crew comes in and installs a new cured-in-place lining. The lining material is rolled into the existing line, and crews circulate hot water into it to begin the curing process.

Before Suncoast begins working in a neighborhood, crew members go door to door, and leave door hangars notifying residents that work will be done at a certain time. During the installation, sewerage service will be closed off from the sewer mainline, which requires residents to minimize water usage for flushing toilets. Residents are asked to completely refrain from using washing machines, dishwashers, showers, baths and garbage disposals to prevent potential flooding.

Once work is completed, residents are notified that service has been completely restored.

The City Utilities office has received a few complaints from people who have experienced odors in their homes during the process.

Daniel Harris of Suncoast said the smells are a byproduct of the curing process, and are usually a sign that there is a problem with a p-trap or wax seal in the household plumbing. Often, he said, rarely used bathrooms will not have water in the p-trap, which allows the odorous but non-toxic gases to come through the line.

He encourages residents in the neighborhoods where work is being done to flush infrequently-used toilets, and run water in sinks and tubs that are not often used, insuring that there is water in the p-trap when Suncoast begins the curing process of new lines.

Suncoast  has established a local office in 100 Westgate Plaza. Anyone with questions is asked to stop by the office or call Marc Byrd (601)750-3360 or Daniel Harris (601)613-3888.