Local foundation to develop historic Opp Downtown building

Published 5:51 pm Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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The Opp Vision in Action Foundation has begun fundraising efforts to develop a multi-use space in Historic Downtown Opp.

Formerly Covington Jewelers, the new space will be called Covington Exchange. The planned development will include a co-working space, a retail space for an entrepreneurial incubator program and pop-up shops, and a restaurant/cafe space.

The overall development will be done in phases, starting with a Phase 1 exterior plan.

“We hope that this will create diversity in our historic downtown district, create natural collision through providing a space for people to interact and conduct business, and foster an environment of creativity and entrepreneurial learning.” Opp

Vision Action Foundation Executive Director Amanda Henderson says. “We can’t wait for our community to partner with us in this effort to better our community. We believe in Opp and are excited about this project!”

Though there is no timeline for finishing, Henderson said they will begin Phase 1 in August or September.

“It really all depends on funding,” Henderson said. “We are hosting fundraisers, applying for grants, and will be seeking tax-deductible donations from individuals and businesses, be we do plan on starting work on Phase 1 by august if not September.

The Opp Vision in Action Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit and was formed with the purpose of impacting lives in Opp, Alabama and the surrounding areas through community and economic development, entrepreneurial education and support, and development of Covington Exchange for the purpose of creative placemaking.

To find out more about Opp Vision, please visit oppvision.com or find them on Facebook or Instagram.