Locklier retires from Andalusia Animal Clinic

Published 7:52 pm Thursday, July 30, 2020

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By: Donnamy Steele

After nine years with the Andalusia Animal Clinic, Andalusia local Lisa Locklier is moving onto her next adventure.

Locklier worked at Andalusia Elementary School prior to her job at the clinic. A few short months after retiring, Locklier decided that she wanted more.

“It picked up after I retired from the elementary school. I knew I needed a job. I needed a purpose,” Locklier said. “My daughter worked for Dr. Toby and when she left and went off to college, I fell into her place. She left in August 2011 and I started in August 2011. I’ve been there since then. ”

Adjusting to being retired again is much more different than before, said Locklier.

“It’s weird because I left the school, had a summer off, and then I started working again. Although this one hasn’t been full time, it gave me a purpose and a place to be. I liked it and it gave me a purpose to get up and be somewhere every day,” Locklier said. “I don’t know how I’m going to just not have to be anywhere. Even next week I just don’t have to be anywhere.”

Locklier enjoyed her job immensely, making this a difficult goodbye.

“I have just always liked animals, dogs in particular, but being there has just been eye-opening and I’m emotional because I’ve just really enjoyed my job. I’ve just been hands-on with animals and I’ve loved it,” Locklier said. I’ve held a lot of little animals, and big ones, and it’s just been fun.”

Locklier is already considering finding another part-time job to stay involved with animals.

“We’re moving to Northport in the next month or so. Dr. Toby said he would help me find a job if I still wanted to work for a vet and my daughter Anna said she would talk to her vet clinic where she takes her animals. I might find myself another little part-time job with the animals. I think I’m really going to miss the hands-on with all of the animals. I’m going to miss my friends that I made, but I’m really going to miss the animals,” Locklier said. “I might volunteer and help out at a shelter.”

Locklier plans to volunteer at an animal shelter and encourages everyone to adopt instead of shop for your next pet.

“I promote shelter dogs. I mean, those dogs need homes. There are a lot of expensive, wonderful dogs out there, but there is always a shelter dog that needs a home. Adopt a dog and don’t go pay that high-end price,” Locklier said. “Just take a dog from a shelter and if you don’t see a dog you want that time, go back again because there might be one that catches your eye. I just wish more people would shop for the shelter dogs. They all need homes, and the senior dogs need homes too.”