Published 8:21 pm Wednesday, August 19, 2020

By: Donnamy Steele

Ordering fast food has become easier than before with the popular delivery service, Postmates, now servicing the Andalusia area.

Employee Raymond Cole is the first driver for Andalusia.

Cole attempted to create his own food delivery service months ago, but ultimately decided to join Postmates instead.

“I was trying to make my own app, but I found out that Postmates was here and I realized how much it would cost to start it up,” Cole said. “I found Postmates on Indeed and I went through the process and background check. I took a chance on Postmates and they were available. It’s available here, in Opp, and in Evergreen, but I think I’m the first driver in Andalusia.”

The Postmates app is easy to use and provides a listing of all available restaurants, according to Cole.

“So far it’s just Captain D’s, Sonic, Zaxby’s, Burger King, and Hardee’s. There are other options like Taco Bell as well, but you can go online whenever you want to and see what is available,” Cole said. “Just log into the app and it will tell you what you can choose from at the time.”

Cole explained that the delivery times may vary, but tend to take less than an hour.

“The delivery time ranges from 35-50 minutes, but it takes about 25-30 minutes for me. It tells you that in case we need more time,” Cole said.

Cole believes the delivery service will become a favorite among the community.

“It’s a good thing, especially if you don’t have a way of getting around town. It’s something we haven’t had and something we can definitely use,” Cole said. “I think once it picks up we will have more restaurants to choose from.”

To use Postmates, download the app and fill out the necessary information to get started.