County BOE introduces $34.5 million budget for 2021

Published 4:22 pm Friday, September 4, 2020

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The Covington County Schools Board of Education recently introduced a $34.5 million budget for the 2021 fiscal year, Tuesday afternoon.

The budget includes:

• $21,004,206.10 in state funds (60 percent,) a $700,000 decrease from last year.

• $4,743,745 in federal funds (14 percent,) $1.6 million increase from last year.

• $8,520,016.94 in local funds (26 percent,) a $100,000 decrease from last year.

• $234,471.95 in other allocations, a $39,690.82 increase from last year.

Covington County Schools superintendent Shannon Driver said the increase from the past year is credited to the CARES act.

“That is the one time money that we got for COVID-19,” Driver said. “That is going to be the bulk of the increase right there.”

State funding for teachers is based on the average daily attendance, or enrollment.

This year’s enrollment decreased by 46 with 2,916 for the 2021 fiscal year and 2,962 for the 2020 fiscal year.

“ADM is projected, so we will know a little more coming up for the next year,” Driver said. “We are anxious to see what this year’s numbers will show because of COVID-19, but we are hopeful that the numbers will go up.”

The system has 397 employees, seven less than last year.

207 of the employees are teachers, with 168.23 funded by state monies, 11.90 funded by other state monies, 23.58 funded by federal monies and 3.79 funded by local monies.

There are seven librarians and 6.50 counselors all funded by state monies.

14.84 of the employees are administrators, with 12.50 funded by state monies, 1.34 funded by federal monies and one funded by local monies.

There are 18.16 certified support personnel employees on staff with 9.01 funded by state monies, 2.38 funded by other state monies and 6.77 funded by federal monies.

143 non-certified support personnel employees are on staff with 112.01 funded by state monies, 8.99 funded by other state monies and 22 funded by federal monies.