Ramirez retires from Andalusia Animal Clinic after 27 years

Published 4:25 pm Friday, September 4, 2020

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After 27 years, Patty Ramirez is stepping away from the Andalusia Animal Clinic.

A while ago, Ramirez said she was looking for a job because she had a young family.

“The clinic was hiring and Norma, who was working here at the time, had to have back surgery,” Ramirez said. “I started then and haven’t left since.”

Ramirez said she stayed so long because of her coworkers and the atmosphere.

“I stayed so long because of Toby and Janet and just the atmosphere,” Ramirez said. “Also, the help that you are able to give to pets. Pets bring something to people and you are able to be apart of that in this job.”

The best part of her job, Ramirez said, was talking with the people.

“Getting to meet with the people and their pets was definitely the best part of the job,” Ramirez said. “You get to hear about their lives.”

When asked what she was going to miss the most, Ramirez said everything.

“I’m hoping to pop in here and there,” Ramirez said. “I hope to even still work if I’m in town for a little while. I would do this for nothing only to be apart of everyone’s life.”

For the person who is taking over Ramirez’s job, she said to truly love people.

“Love the differences in people,” Ramirez said. “Even the grumpy ones. There is a reason they are grumpy and maybe you can even put a smile on their face. Always remember it is about them and not about you.”

In her retirement, Ramirez said she is going to spend time with her grandbaby who lives in North Carolina.