Locals start volunteer service in Andalusia

Published 6:16 pm Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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By: Donnamy Steele

A local group of missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is offering volunteer service to the community.

Hayden Bruce explained why the group is volunteering as well as what they offer.

“We are actually missionaries with the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,” Bruce said. “We actually come out on a mission every two years to kind of serve people, so it goes further than just teaching people about Jesus Christ.”

The volunteer services that Bruce offers ranges from teaching to manual labor. The group does not receive compensation for the volunteer work and is driven by his passion for serving people.

“We don’t receive compensation, we just serve to show how Jesus Christ is. We do anything we can do to help people honestly,” Bruce said. “We teach people about Jesus Christ and we kind of do any type of volunteer service. We didn’t say in the post that we do any volunteer service because we don’t have tools, but any labor we are happy to do for them. We do yard work, housework, and little things here and there to serve them. We also teach people about family genealogy, helping people find where they come from, and teaching English and Spanish. We offer free classes on that.”

Bruce encourages everyone who is interested to reach out to him for more information.

“There are missionaries throughout Alabama, so if they are interested in another part of Alabama or another state they can reach out to us and we can redirect them,” Bruce said. “It’s for anyone, even outside of Andalusia.”

The volunteer service will be available at any time and Bruce is excited to serve the Andalusia community.

“We haven’t really made a lot of posts for it because we didn’t know if people would be interested, because some people see us as missionaries and put the flags up,” Bruce said. “We are happy to help and it’s available at any time.”

For more information, contact Hayden Bruce through Facebook or call (850) 321-6745.