Pleasant Home Schools see spike in COVID-19 numbers after Thanksgiving break

Published 9:59 pm Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Pleasant Home Schools has seen a spike in COVID-19 numbers after the Thanksgiving break and have had to quarantine several students and teachers.

According to Covington County Schools superintendent Shannon Driver, they are hoping to get those students and teachers back into the classroom next week.

“We have seen an increase in numbers there,” Driver said. “We are hoping that we have kind of gotten ahead of it and will be able to contain it.”

There was not a specific number Driver was able to say and the Alabama Department of Education’s COVID-19 Dashboard will not be updated until December 4.

“It does look like it is slowing down,” Driver said. “A lot of these were leftover from Thanksgiving break. Hopefully, after this week we will get all of those kids and staff members back into the classroom. It is a definite increase in numbers. We know that the numbers are up all around and that it is inevitable that we are going to have spikes in the schools.”

Despite the outbreak, Driver said they are doing everything they can to limit the spread to different schools.

“We are social distancing, wearing masks and trying to continue all of the things that we have been doing,” Driver said. “Hopefully, we will get past this little increase this week and be back to normal next week. We can’t know what will come tomorrow, but hopefully, we will be back. Overall, our numbers are staying relatively low.”

All of the basketball games at Pleasant Home have been canceled this week, due to COVID-19.