American Idol contestant has Covington County roots

Published 5:09 pm Thursday, February 18, 2021

Canton, Mississippi native Hannah Everhart is getting a chance of a lifetime auditioning for American Idol on Sunday, but Everhart’s roots originally come from Covington County.

Andalusia native Candace Hudson, who is her aunt and guardian and also is seen in Everhart’s debut episode on Sunday, said their relationship has grown even stronger through the American Idol process.

“I am extremely proud of Hannah,” Hudson said. “This has all been a blessing and an honor. We have shared a lot of ‘firsts.’ We both have never flown before and we got to fly together. We have always had a close relationship, but I just feel like after this whole thing our relationship has grown even stronger.”

From a young age, Hudson knew that Everhart was a strong singer.

“We have always known that Hannah could sing,” Hudson said. “We also have always encouraged her to sing, but she has never really put herself out there. Her grandmother was much of an encourager of her singing because she loved to hear Hannah sing and do karaoke when she was living.”

For the people in Covington County interested in watching Everhart, Hudson said she has a personality that will keep you laughing.

“Her entire group is great, but Hannah is just different,” Hudson said. “She carries her own in many ways. I consider her my flower child. She is just an old soul and loves old stuff. She does have a personality that will catch the viewers. She will keep you laughing and wanting to come back for more, as well as her amazing voice.”

Hudson had some inspiring words for Everhart as she goes on this American Idol journey.

“I have always told her and my kids, if you believe it and dream it, then you can achieve it, but remember to keep God first,” Hudson said.

Everhart’s country/soul vibe will be debuting in front of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on the ABC Network at 8/7 CTE, on Sunday.