Updated apartments have new owners, management

Published 4:11 pm Friday, March 5, 2021

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The recently-renovated Dixon Heights apartment community has new ownership and new management, and offers residents a benefit not seen in many new properties, its manager said.

Beau Daniel of Foshee Residential Management Group said the Andalusia property was auctioned several years ago, and the company that acquired the property invested several million dollars into interior and exterior renovations. 

“The previous owner of the apartment community put the property up for sale in 2020, and it attracted buyers form all over the country,” Daniel said. “The group that ended up buying it is The Alliven Group based out of New Jersey. They saw Andalusia as a strong market, and closed on the property in January of 2021.”

The Alliven Group has worked with Foshee Residential Management Group for several years, and contracted with them for management of Dixon Heights, located on Regal Heights Drive just off Hwy. 29. Foshee is based out of Montgomery and manages about 7,000 apartments statewide, as well as some in Mississippi and Florida.

“We are pleased that The Alliven Group and Foshee Residential see what we see,” Mayor Earl Johnson said. “Andalusia is a strong market and is worthy of investment. We are excited about their partnership and the renovation of this apartment community,”

Daniel personally is responsible for Foshee’s portfolio in Mobile, and also has ties to Andalusia through his wife, Andalusia native Brittany Mikel Daniel, and is frequently in the area, he said. 

“It is a good fit for our company and for me,” he said. 

Foshee Residential has managed other communities in Andalusia for about five years, he said. 

Daniel said Dixon Heights offers a living solution for people just moving into the area, and for students. 

“The community has 76 apartments and is a mixture of one and two bedroom units,” he said. “Some are traditional apartments, but a good portion of the units are actually townhomes, with upstairs and downstairs living space.”

“Dixon Heights, serves a good niche for Andalusia,” he said. “When you’ve got industry, and people moving in to work at PowerSouth or Shaw, a lot of people don’t know where want to live. This community really serves that niche. Maybe they can rent a year or two, which allows them to know where want to ultimately purchase.”

The community also is a good option for those coming to LBW Community College, he said. 

“The location is great. The apartments are centrally located, and it’s easy to get anywhere,” he said.

The community has a total of 76 apartments with rents ranging from $499 to $699, depending upon floor plan. There is a local property manager who has been on site for three or four years, as well as a local maintenance tech. 

“Nowadays, with new construction costs, most communities are just buildings and parking lot,” he said. “What you find in a community like Dixon Heights, which is a little bit older, is a lot of green space. We allow pets, and have a lot of people who walk the property with their pets without getting on sidewalk or asphalt.”

Additional information is available at https://fosheeresidential.com/properties/dixonheights/, or by calling 334.222.9656.