Andalusia Ballet’s AIM High Outreach Program has successful year

Published 6:19 pm Friday, May 7, 2021

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Andalusia Ballet’s AIM High outreach program concluded the year with a classroom presentation for the students’ families, Wednesday, April 28. This year’s AIM High program targeted boys in the 2nd through 4th grades attending Andalusia Elementary School. AES boys auditioned for the program in the fall of 2020 and were selected based on their enthusiasm and aptitude. The goals of the AIM High program are represented by the acronym AIM. The “A”  stands for Athleticism, and students were inspired to improve their agility, coordination, and strength. The “I” represents Interpersonal Skills; class members were encouraged to develop focus, to be motivated, and to work as a team. The “M” depicts Motion, and the goal was for the boys to enhance their musicality and rhythm. Nine students completed this year’s AIM High program. These students made great strides in achieving the goals set for them and had a  great time while doing so!

The AIM High class is taught by José Soares. Mr. Soares has been a guest dancer at Andalusia  Ballet for several years; he began teaching at Andalusia Ballet in July 2020. Andalusia Ballet  Outreach Coordinator Addy Gantt and Artistic Director Meryane Murphy organized the program.

The AIM High program was made possible through funds provided by the Andalusia Ballet and the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Special thanks to AES principal Brenda Johnson and former Andalusia City Schools superintendent Ted Watson for making it possible for the boys to ride the school bus to the program.

Andalusia Ballet plans to continue the AIM High program in the 2021-2022 school year.