Mizell to celebrate National Hospitals Week

Published 6:23 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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From May 9 until May 15, 2021, Mizell will join hospitals across the nation in celebrating National Hospital Week with the theme, “Inspiring Hope Through Healing”.

This special week gives the opportunity for hospitals and their communities to celebrate the hospitals, health systems, and the women and men who support the health and well-being of their communities through dedication and care from the heart. Mizell Memorial is an important part of the fabric of this community today and has been for over 70 years.

Mizell has plans to celebrate with different events during Hospital Week to show appreciation to our staff for what they do every day, especially over this last year.

“It is important to have quality healthcare in every community. In many cases minutes, or even seconds matter. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the importance of rural healthcare. It is more important than ever to support Mizell Memorial Hospital. Alabama has chosen, so far, not to expand  Medicaid, which has placed more of a financial hardship on hospitals, especially rural hospitals,” representatives at Mizell said. “Mizell provided approximately $3.3 million in uncompensated care in the 2020 fiscal year. Our federal government has plans to reduce much of the funding that offsets those expenses. Currently, MMH employs approximately 250 individuals, with 175 of those being full-time. Mizell plays an important role in our local economy. It is more important than ever for communities to voice their concern to  their state and federal legislators on healthcare availability.”

Representatives at the hospital believe the citizens of Opp and surrounding areas deserve to receive high-quality healthcare to maintain quality of life.

“Mizell continues to make improvements to ensure that all patients that enter the doors of the hospital are receiving quality healthcare close to home. Mizell continuously makes upgrades to be able to better serve our community,” Mizell representatives said. “Over the last year, much of the hospital received a much needed new roof, the generator was replaced, a new telemetry and bedside monitor system was  installed, a new chest compression system was purchased, and 3 new ventilators were purchased.”

Mizell Memorial Hospital, the staff, Medical Staff, and Board of Directors, continue to serve our community every day and strive to make improvements to ensure the ability to do so for many years to come. As National Hospital Week is celebrated across the country, please take a moment to thank each member of the Mizell team for their hard work and dedication to this community.