A New Tradition: Red Level seniors brighten campus with painted parking spaces

Published 8:35 am Monday, August 23, 2021

Red Level School is bringing a pop of color to the school’s parking lot by allowing the seniors to have a reserved painted parking spot.

RLS Principal Randy McGlaun said two seniors, Caylee Douglas and Madison Lee, approached him with ideas to help build school spirit and help make the elementary and high school merger easier for everyone.

Makayla Harrelson

“Along with several other suggestions, creating personalized parking spots seemed to take wings. Our students are always volunteering and helping others. With the fact that they have stayed so positive while facing so much during the COVID pandemic, we thought this would be a unique way of letting them have a little bit of fun as well,” he said.

McGlaun said his decision to let the seniors paint their parking spots was an easy one, but there was a great deal of work to do beforehand. Seniors had to be in good standing and pay a $10 fee. The paint was required to be water-based, and the design had to be kept 4 inches off of the stripe. Administrators said designs could not violate the school code of conduct and had to be approved.

Ruby Carroll

He credited school resource officer Michael Bishop for his assistance with the project. McGlaun said, “He is always willing to step up and volunteer wherever or whenever he is needed, and he realized the parking lines needed to be upgraded. In the hot August sun, he repainted all the stripes in the parking lot and is working closely with the students who want to participate. The selflessness of our students, staff, and faculty at RLS never ceases to amaze me. The parking lot and campus inside and out are a source of pride for our RLS family, and I am thankful to be a part of our school.”

Douglas said she first thought of the idea of painting parking spots when she saw multiple videos on TikTok of high school seniors doing it. “It immediately made me think about asking my principal if we could possibly do it as a way to raise money and to also brighten up the school. It would also increase student involvement and school spirit.”

Caylee Douglas

She was thankful that her principal allowed this year’s senior class the opportunity to personalize their parking spots. “I’m glad my fellow seniors and I get to start what we hope will become a tradition at Red Level School,” Douglas said.

For more information call Red Level School at 334-469-5315.