Owner of Taupe Tansy Boutique enjoys being her own boss

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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While attending college, Jacie Williamson had a vision, and once she finished, a light went off, which led to her online business called Taupe Tansy Boutique.

Williamson said she wanted to start her business after graduating from college. “I was always on someone else’s time and wanted to have flexible hours for myself. Now, I work 24/7 and love being able to make decisions and do things the way I want to. It beats working a corporate job any day no matter the hours I would put in.”

She felt it would be best to start working online for personal reasons in addition to the current state of the world. “I thought this was the best route for myself due to having an autoimmune disease and for the safety of others right now,” Williamson said. “I can take time for myself when I need to be online, while still being open and available all day every day.”

Taupe Tansy Boutique first went online on Sept. 3, after the original plan of opening several months ago fell through. “I am having to learn to go with the flow because everything seems so much simpler that way,” she said. Williamson said it was a very successful launch day.

She offers a number of different sizes in tops, bottoms, sets, dresses/jumpsuits/rompers, and swimsuits ranging from small through 3X. “The support I have received so far keeps me going and I’m very blessed. I offer various sizing because I’m taller than the average female. Going in stores can be very discouraging when all you see is small, medium, and large. I also offer various styles and cater to all shapes, sizes, and styles,” she said.

There are also plans to have select accessories added to her clothing selections.

Starting in Andalusia was a good fit for a business, according to Williamson. “Being in my hometown has been great. The word gets out more organically in a small town. I know more people here and can have a better relationship with my customers launching my business where I grew up.”

In addition to allowing customers’ delivery to their homes, Williamson said she offers a local pickup option for customers. “That has been a game-changer for my business.”

She shared how the pickup option works.

“You can pick up anytime from 6 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. and follow the directions when you check out online. It will give you a pickup location, and there is no human interaction. You just grab and go, but please let me know if someone else will pick up for you. I ask that you message me when you’re on your way to the pickup location and once you have picked up your items,” Williamson said.

While the business aspect has been fun and enjoyable so far, picking a name was by far the most difficult part for her. “It took months for me to decide on the name. I chose Taupe Tansy because I love neutrals.” Williamson said the neutral colors are her jam and are beautiful worn year-round. “The Tansy part comes from the essential oil blue tansy because I’m also a licensed massage therapist.”

Williamson hopes to incorporate massage into her business one day in the near future. “This just made sense to me.” She explained the colors in her logo. “They really capture my vision for my business, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the final choice. It’s really about the neutrals for me.”

To place an order, go to www.taupetansyboutique.com. For more information contact Jacie Williamson by e-mail at taupetansyboutique@gmail.com or on social media through her Facebook and Instagram pages. “I look forward to hearing from my customers and helping them find what types of clothing best suits them,” she said.