Mock finds poetry inspiration in faith, loved ones

Published 7:30 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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With a knack for rhyming words, single father Cole Mock wants to inspire others with his poetry writing through Christ and family.

Mock was born in Andalusia and graduated from Samson High School in 2007. He moved back to Andalusia in 2019 to raise his two young daughters and work.

“It is a hobby of mine that I absolutely love to do just as going to the gym is for me. I have a tremendous heart and am a very passionate person. All of my poetry comes from the heart and is a simple way for me to express my feelings and views,” he said.

He has always written poetry, and it comes naturally for him because it runs in the family. “Though I have never had a poem published, writing poetry is a love of mine,” he said. “It is a trait I inherited from my father. My sister Brittaney Mock-Mills also inherited this trait and actually had a poem published many years ago.”

Mock enjoys writing poems that have family connections and ties the most. “All of my poetry truthfully stems from the heart. I love to write inspirational poetry, but my favorite types are the ones about my two daughters. However, with that said, if I can inspire someone from one of my poems, then I consider that to be a true and remarkable blessing,” he said.

He has written more poems than he could recall but said 15 are posted on his Facebook poetry page. He hopes his writing skills will land him in a field where he can relate.

“I humbly hope it will lead me to a publishing company and in hopes of an exploration for a career in writing,” Mock said. When asked what his first-ever poem was about, he was unsure but felt like it was probably addressed to a girl back in his high school days.

Mock’s father has been a true inspiration to him during the course of his writing journey. “He has written several great poems, and as I stated earlier, I inherited this trait from him. My main inspirations are my two little baby girls, Lily Rae and Lynnli Kate Mock. All I desire in life is to better myself in every aspect for the betterment of those two,” he said. “I want to show them that no matter what obstacles life has thrown at you, anything can be beat with the knowhow, strength, and prayers to God.”

His future plans are devoted to completing his personal memoir, which documents the past nine years of his life. He hopes to have it edited and then published. “In this memoir, especially the first few chapters, everyone can read about my personal experience in my near fatal accident and also read about my road to recovery in which everyone predicted me not to come back to work. God gave me the strength to come out of a coma and to push myself to recovery,” Mock said.

His faith and loved ones mean everything to him. “I am most thankful for God not giving up hope on me. I would also like to thank my parents Ray and Diane Mock. Without them, I would not be the man I am today,” he said.

He said there are three things that one needs in life: faith, hard work, and perseverance. “Without faith, there is nothing that can be achieved. With faith will come hard work for you. If you can find and sustain perseverance through the hard work, you can achieve and be a success in every thing and aspect in life.”

Mock also inspires to write songs but does not yet have a timetable to publish his memoir. “As soon as I can touch base with a publishing company, I eventually intend to have it released. I would like to seek business as a songwriter, and my goal is to have a poetry book published and be hired by inspiring musicians,” he added.

For more information e-mail Cole Mock at or visit his Facebook page at LCM Poetry and Musical Lyrics to read some of his work. “I would like to advise anyone that has a dream or a goal to never give up or surrender,” he said.