Carry the light to people who need Christ

Published 7:30 am Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Winter Olympic Games begin next week. For me, one of the most exciting events to watch through the years during the Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics happens during the Opening Ceremonies.

The parade of athletes gives a colorful glimpse of countries from around the world, but that’s not what makes the opening ceremonies so exciting. I watch with anticipation for the moment the torchbearer enters the arena carrying the Olympic flame.

Originally lit in Greece and transported by runners across continents and oceans, the fiery light signals the official start of the athletic competition. Every precaution is taken to keep the flame burning until it reaches its destination.

At the first sight of the torchbearer coming into the arena, the stadium crowd cheers loudly. The excitement mounts as the runner speeds around the track, holding high the torch. All eyes watch as the runner passes the torch to another athlete who jogs up to a platform atop the stadium to ignite the gigantic Olympic flame that will glow until the closing ceremonies.

Imagine the privilege of carrying the light that ignites a flame seen by millions of people around the world. Believers have such a privilege, spiritually speaking.

For the Christian, “light” carries much significance. Jesus told His disciples, “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world,” (John 9:5). Then, as He approached His crucifixion, resurrection, and return to heaven, He passed the torch to us. Jesus said to His followers then and now, “You are the light of the world,” (Matthew 5:14 NIV). “Let your light so shine,” He instructs us (Matthew 5:16). So how do you and I carry the light?

Jesus went on to say that people will see our light when they see our good deeds which glorify the Father in heaven. We relay our faith from person to person by telling them how the Lord Jesus Christ is our “light and salvation,” (Psalm 27:1). We must keep the flame of faith burning everywhere we go. Millions around the world need to see the light.

If you are a follower of Christ, someone took the time to share the light of His love with you. Someone else shared the light with them. Beginning with Jesus’ disciples, those who have come before us for centuries have passed the Gospel torch from generation to generation.

Watching the torchbearer of the Olympic flame reminds me of the words of a song written by Twila Paris. “In this world of darkness, we are given light. Hope for all the dying. How will they know? How will they know that Jesus loves them and He died to save them?

“Carry the light! Carry the light! Go and tell the children they are precious in His sight. Carry the light! Carry the light! Go and preach the Gospel till there is no more night. In the name of Jesus, carry the light!”