Hall follows in father’s footsteps by serving in Army

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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Straughn High School senior Timothy “TJ” Dewayne Hall Jr. is excited to honor his father’s memory and follow in his family’s footsteps by joining the U.S. Army after graduation.

“I was 16 years old when my dad passed away a little over two years ago. He was the biggest spotlight in my life and also served for our country as a member of the United States Military. The Army is the largest military branch and has the most job options. That’s what really hooked me on the Army since I didn’t have to do what everyone else has to do,” Hall said.

He will graduate from SHS on Friday, May 27, and leave for basic training in Oklahoma on Monday, June 6.

“Future Soldier Hall is the type of young man who the Army needs in our organization. He is patriotic, humble, and possesses traits you look for in a leader. You can tell he proudly loves his country. That stems from his family members who served our nation and raised him with those values. I’m very interested to see where Future Soldier Hall ends up later in his Army career. He is someone who I would want in my formation, and I know he will serve our country in superb fashion,” U.S. Army Captain Michael Bennett said.

Hall hopes to become a combat medic in a Ranger Regiment or serve as an 18 Delta, which is a Special Forces medic.

“I will be going to Fort Sill and learn how to be a Fire Control Specialist. I feel serving is the least I can do for this country and don’t see anything wrong with it whatsoever. I am excited to be able to do so and look forward to applying to ranger school and eventually becoming a Green Beret,” he said.

Hall, who is from Opp, will join other members of his family who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

“The Army has the most job opportunities and also has the Green Berets, which is my dream. My oldest sister Courtney served in the Army, and my second oldest sister Kristen served in the Air Force. My brother-in-law, father, grandfather, and uncle all served in the Army.”

He feels freedom is significant while serving in the United States Military. “Freedom in this country is important for anyone who lives in this country to believe whatever they want and live in this great nation to where they will not be judged. That’s why I plan to wear the uniform and protect that right every citizen in this country deserves,” he said.

His family’s military record on both sides inspired him.

“My sister Kristen and brother-in-law, RJ Bowman, are the ones who really helped him make the decision to enlist. The majority of my family stands by me, especially my third oldest sister, Emily Hall. She still lives close and has stood by my side the most out of anyone. I would like to thank my friend Justin Jordan for enlisting with me, all my family members who stand with me on this decision, and Staff Sergeant Mitchell, Staff Sergeant Scholz, Staff Sergeant O, and Captain Bennett.”

He is the son of the late Tim Hall and grandson of Noah and Tina Blair. He has three sisters and two brothers-in-law: Courtney (Albert) Calderon, Kristen (RJ) Bowman, and Emily Hall. His aunt and uncle are Lisa and Chris Salter.

For more information visit the Andalusia Army Recruiting Center at 226 East Three Notch Street or call the office at 334-427-1657.

“Timothy Hall (TJ) is Andalusia Army Recruiting Center’s top future soldier. He strives to carry on the torch passed down from his grandfather and father. He is the most dedicated and hard-working future soldier I have met in my past three years as a recruiter. He serves with pride and brings great pride and honor to his school, community, country, and family. I look forward to watching TJ grow as a soldier and all his future accomplishments,” said U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Breon Mitchell.