Crossover Ministry holds annual banquet

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Crossover Ministry held its first annual banquet since 2019 on Tuesday, April 26, with local cooking sensation Brenda Gantt serving as the guest speaker.

“This is our 18th year we have been doing things at Crossover Ministry. I went through the first class and would love to say we have worked ourselves down to one class because there is such a lack of people who are struggling. We still look out and see people like sheep without a shepherd, so that’s why we do what we do. We are back for the first time in three years after missing the last two banquets,” said Crossover Director James “Red” Coleman.

Covington County DA Walt Merrell, Gantt’s son-in-law, introduced her to the crowd. She shared a story about Jesus and three others with an inspirational message about needing companions and always having others.

“I’m happy to be here tonight with all of you. When we feel depressed, sad, or have some big burden resting on us, we need friends. We need each other and were not made to be alone. We were not made to live by ourselves and not help people. We pick up nicknames for our friends like Jesus called Peter ‘The Rock’ and called James and John ‘Sons of Thunder.’ What I want you to see is that Jesus actually picked his 12 disciples. You have the honor of choosing your friends. One of Jesus’ friends was Judas, and Judas betrayed him. When betrayal happens, it upsets you but Jesus loved all of his disciples. This is telling you that like the story says, a lot of you in here are my friends,” Gantt said.

She added that we call on our friends for Christian counsel and advice.

“The Bible tells us to seek out somebody who is going to give us good Christian counsel. Sometimes, we’re seeing tunnel vision and we need to see the whole picture before we make decisions. We need to ask God and lead us to help somebody who is going to help us make these decisions. Just because you are a Christian does not mean you will not be tempted. You need to be awake and watching.”

Her friends influenced Gantt and in turn, she influenced them.

“We need to pick our friends like Jesus picked his. Be careful about who your friends are. Jesus loved everybody, even the sinners. Have your mind and your eyes open, and be watchful so you’re not pulled down to temptation from whomever you’re meeting in life. You do have responsibilities and are influencing people for the good and the bad. Everybody in this room has influenced somebody, whether they were influencing in a good or bad way. Thank you for letting me come and be with you all tonight. I do enjoy cooking and what I do but don’t have my best friend, my husband George, with me anymore. Have a conversation with that mate God has blessed you with because we’re not promised tomorrow,” she said.

Crossover seeks to help individuals overcome their addiction through a six-month program with the primary goal of building lives and families through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The ministry’s mission is “to provide a Christian recovery solution for substance abuse and addiction through the use of education, work, counseling, and the knowledge of Jesus Christ that will help people rebuild their lives and their communities.”

For more information visit Crossover Ministry at 508 Highway 52 East in Opp or call 334-493-1030.