County students come together for first annual CCS Olympics

Published 11:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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Fifth and sixth grade students from Fleeta, Pleasant Home, Red Level, Straughn, and W.S. Harlan participated in the Covington County Schools Olympics at the CCS Track Facility on May 17.

Fifth and sixth grade students from Fleeta Jr. High School also participated in the CCS Olympics.

Students from the five county schools competed for the championship in four divisions: 5th grade girls, 6th grade girls, 5th grade boys, and 6th grade boys.

“The purpose of the competition was to increase interest and awareness about track and field,” Coordinator John Evers said. “These students grow up playing football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball. Most of them have never been to a track meet. When they hear track, many think distance running or cross-country. This is an opportunity to show them that track and field has something to offer everyone. We have short sprints up to long distance but also field events like javelin, discus, and long jump.

Running events at the competition were 50 and 100-meter hurdles, 50 and 100-meter dash, 200 meter, 400 meter, 4×100 relays, and 4×400 relays. Field events consisted of shot put, discus, javelin, and long jump.

Ella Heffner and Presleigh Suttles compete in the 100-meter hurdles event for W.S. Harlan.

Medals were awarded for first, second, and third place finishers, and trophies were also awarded to the overall winners.

Straughn finished as the fifth grade girls’ winner, sixth grade girls’ winner, fifth grade boys’ winner, and sixth grade boys’ winner. W.S. Harlan was named the sixth grade girls’ runner-up, fifth grade boys’ runner-up, and sixth grade boys’ runner-up. Red Level was the fifth grade girls’ runner-up.

Two students from Fleeta prepare to leave the starting line in the 200-meter event.

“Our county schools have been very successful in track and field over the past few years. This season, we had several athletes win state championships in their events. Track is unique in that it is a team-scored sport, but except for the relays, you compete alone. I have always felt like it is the ultimate test of athletic ability. Another reason for holding the CCS Olympics is to let our students and parents see our exceptional track and field facility. We have teams come from as far as Mobile and Ashford to compete in our events because we have such a nice place here,” he stated.

The top finishers for each event are as follows:

  • 5th Grade Girls’ 50m Dash: Camari Crittenden-RLS, Jenna Kate Clark-PHS, Brooklyn Headley-PHS
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 50m Dash: Breonna Robbins-SMS, Sophia Geohagan-SMS, Greer Meeks-RLS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 50m Dash: Bailey Watts-RLS, Grant Henderson-SES, Jonah Hawkins-PHS
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 50m Dash: Tate Watson-SMS, Jayden Bradberry-WSH, Mason Bennett-WSH
  • 5th Grade Girls’ 100m Dash: Ryleigh Huckaba-SES, Jenna Kate Clark-PHS, Camani Crittenden-RLS
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 100m Dash: Peyton Murry-WSH, Kaitlyn Ranta-SMS, Greer Meeks-RLS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 100m Dash: Levi Stockton-PHS, Jonah Hawkins-PHS, Grant Henderson-SES
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 100m Dash: Nico Bradberry-WSH, Eli Grissett-SMS, Parker Johnson-SMS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ 200m Dash: Avery Sanders-SES, Sydney Thomas-SES, Gracie Taylor-WSH
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 200m Dash: Layla Walker-SMS, Annaleigh Brooks-SMS, Greer Meeks-RLS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 200m Dash: Austin Griggs-SES, Brayden Dorodo-WSH, Levi Stockton-PHS
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 200m Dash: Jayden Bradberry-WSH, Aiden Kelley-SMS, Parker Johnson-SMS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ 400m Dash: Ryleigh Huckaba-SES, Jenna Kate Clark-PHS, Baylee McVay-SES
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 400m Dash: Peyton Murry, WSH, Cambry Morgan-WSH, Bada Canant-SMS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 400m Dash: Dalton Diviny-WSH, Jude Bradley-PHS, Leland Sasser-SES
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 400m Dash: Tyler Pettaway-PHS, Jeremiah Stone-WSH, John Isaac Hawkins-PHS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ 50m Hurdles: Camani Crittenden-RLS, Avery Sanders-SMS, Lexi Duffell-SMS
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 50m Hurdles: Lexi Pate-SMS, Kiley Caine-RLS, Greer Meeks-RLS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 50m Hurdles: Bailey Watts-RLS, Ashton McClain-RLS, Leland Sasser-SES
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 50m Hurdles: Colby Smith-SMS, Eli Grissett-SMS, Demarius Johnson-RLS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ 100m Hurdles: Camiah Crittenden-RLS, Jaycee Norton-SES, Baylee McVay-SES
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 100m Hurdles: Lexi Pate-SMS, Kaitlyn Ranta-SMS, Kiley Caine-RLS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 100m Hurdles: Austin Griggs-SES, Hunter Holmes-SES, Brayden Dorodo-WSH
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 100m Hurdles: Bryden Walker-SMS, Landon Cross-SMS, Tyler Purifoy-PHS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ Discus: McKinley Lawson-SES, Lily Coleman-SES, Ivy Williamson-SES
  • 6th Grade Girls’ Discus: Annlee Wise-SMS, Jenesis Fields-WSH, Katie Worley-SMS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ Discus: Summit Chavers-SES, Cooper Watkins-WSH, Aiden Cobb-SES
  • 6th Grade Boys’ Discus: Evan Harrison-SMS, Grayson Allen-WSH, Avery Till-SMS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ Shot Put: McKinley Lawson-SES, Audrey Joyner-SES, Julia Leonard-WSH
  • 6th Grade Girls’ Shot Put: Lyla Watson-PHS, Annlee Wise-SMS, Chloe Bush-PHS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ Shot Put: Summit Chavers-SES, Harrison Dubose-PHS, Dale Dean-PHS
  • 6th Grade Boys’ Shot Put: Mason Penn-SMS, Keagan Allen-WSH, Evan Harrison-SMS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ Javelin: Julia Leonard, WSH, Breanna Yates-SES, McKinley Lawson-SES
  • 6th Grade Girls’ Javelin: Maggie Russell-WSH, Maddie Thomas-SMS, Annlee Wise, SMS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ Javelin: Jamison Lawhorn-WSH, Riley Driver-SES, Grady Seal-SES
  • 6th Grade Boys’ Javelin: Terry Rodgers-SMS, Keagan Allen-WSH, Braden Vendetti-SMS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ Long Jump: Camani Crittenden-RLS, Natalie Ziglar-RLS, Kinley Phillips-SES
  • 6th Grade Girls’ Long Jump: Maggie Russell-WSH, Madison Thompson-SMS, Katie Worley-SMS
  • 5th Grade Boys’ Long Jump: Dalton Deveney-WSH, Jude Bradley-PHS, Tanner Donley-WSH
  • 6th Grade Boys’ Long Jump: Gavin Bush-SMS, Brayden Walker-SMS, Tay Watson-SMS
  • 5th Grade Girls’ 4×100 Relay: SES Team A, WSH, SES Team B
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 4×100 Relay: SMS Team B, SMS Team A, WSH
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 4×100 Relay: WSH, SES Team A, PHS
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 4×100 Relay: SMS Team B, WSH, SMS Team A
  • 5th Grade Girls’ 4×400 Relay: SES Team A, SES Team B, Pleasant Home
  • 6th Grade Girls’ 4×400 Relay: SMS, WSH, Red Level
  • 5th Grade Boys’ 4×400 Relay: SES Team B, WSH, SES Team A
  • 6th Grade Boys’ 4×400 Relay: WSH, SMS Team A, SMS Team B

Plans are in progress for the second CCS Olympics during the 2022-2023 school year. The facility will host the AHSAA’s 1A-3A Section 1 Cross Country Championship this fall. “Almost every coach who brings a team here compliments us on this facility. Covington County is very fortunate to have a track of this quality,” Evers said.