Memories of a perfect day linger

Published 7:30 am Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Do you ever rush through days without pausing to appreciate their beauty, their simplicity, and the gifts of friendship and love that ripple within them? When I take time to slow down and ponder these things, I find myself wishing for a way to freeze a day of perfection.

I call to mind one such day in the past. It was almost time to clean off the picnic table and douse the campfire’s glowing embers. At the same time the sunset glowed a pinkish orange, the remnants of the campfire turned to ashes and the crowd began to disperse .It was the close of a day that been near perfection, from the coolness of the morning through the noon sunlight to a gentle breeze.

Warmth from both friendship and the ring of fire enveloped us and I wanted it to linger, even to freeze in time so in the future I could relive it in its fullness. It was not a Fourth of July fireworks day filled with excitement, yet it was significant.

Upon arising that morning, I opened the door to test the weather and felt a refreshing coolness. Next to the patio, the Confederate Rose bush signaled me with its profusions of white and pink blossoms.

During the church time for fellowship, there was handshaking and hugging and an exchange of greetings not only with regular attendees but with those who returned from various states to take up winter residence. It was always a joyous time and I looked upon it as a sign of the nearness of the year’s holiday season.

The sun sparkled like diamonds on the waters as we crossed a bridge on the way to a restaurant with friends. As we made our way across the bay in return, the water looked like a sheet of glass. There was little time for rewinding before I joined a couple of friends to attend a birthday celebration for a sweet 90-year-old lady. She welcomed her well-wishers at the fellowship hall of a local church which became a beehive of activity during the appointed hours. Within those walls I observed and felt a part of the same warmth, friendship and love that had permeated our morning church service.

Around 4 p.m. my husband and one of the church members began preparations for our monthly wiener roast on the church grounds. I had stuffed mustard, ketchup, wieners, buns and a pitcher of iced tea in an ice chest. By that time there was a fire going and we relaxed in lawn chairs under the pecan trees until the rest of the crowd arrived. After the get-together was opened with prayer, we went about the business if eating. There was some light competition among the youngsters who recited a poem and decorated some pumpkins. Winners were rewarded with tasty homemade brownies.

Adding to the pleasantry of the evening was the absence of annoying gnats and mosquitoes that often show up to these times of food and fellowship.

Our day reached to a perfect close as we watched the changing colors of the sunset fade away. It had been a blessed day. We were thankful.