Locals invite community to Fishing Fellowship

Published 9:15 am Saturday, July 16, 2022

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Debbie Ham and Dena Matlalcuatzi know the importance of keeping the Lord first and foremost and invite others to join them in glorifying Him through community-wide worship.

“We give God all the credit for organizing the Fishing Fellowship and setting up the start date. In January of 2022, God set Dena up to pray over the park with a vision of a multitude of people gathering in worship. God allowed me to retire from teaching school in January in order to go to work for Him full time,” Ham said.

The Fishing Fellowship, which was launched June 30, takes place at Robinson Park each Monday morning at 8 a.m. In the case of rain, there is no fishing. “The Word of God, sharing testimonies, and how to overcome the struggles of life are the topics shared in the park.”

Both women take pride in their participation in the fellowship each week.

“I am grateful to be a part of this fellowship because it’s not stressful. I’m getting out of housework, and I’m sharing how God helps me to overcome my problems,” Ham said. “It gives me the opportunity to love on people and show them the love of Christ,” Matlalcuatzi added.

The fellowship is open to anyone who is interested in joining. “Show up, bring your own chair, and prepare for relaxation and some laughs. Sit back and relax and let us love you,” Ham said.

Both agree that giving God glory is important and necessary in our everyday lives.

“To me, glorifying God means crediting the Father for all things and showing others the beauty of His goodness,” Matlalcuatzi said. “I really enjoy bragging on God in front of others and say ‘Look at God!’ Mark 10:27 KJV says, ‘And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men, it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. There ain’t nothing God can’t fix,” Ham added.