CATS celebrating 30 years of service to Covington County

Published 11:00 am Saturday, July 30, 2022

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The Covington Area Transit System, which is more commonly known as CATS, will celebrate 30 years of service to the community Wednesday, August 3.

“Our 30-year history is a testament to our county’s commitment to our citizens to provide safe and reliable transportation. We are very lucky to be able to provide this to our residents. Some counties aren’t as lucky, and we are very proud to celebrate 30 years of service to Covington County’s residents,” CATS Director Tami Baxley said.

CATS has seen many changes since it was first established in 1992.

“When CATS first began, it was with limited staff and a notebook to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs. Since then, with changes in technology, we’ve been able to expand services, streamline our profess to ensure efficient and timely operations, and grow our fleet.”

Individuals should call CATS to schedule a pick-up time and provide a 24-hour notice before the actual day and time of service is needed.

“CATS is always there when you need us. Our staff is highly trained, dependable, and courteous: all the things you want in a driver. Our vans hold 10 passengers, and each driver is assigned a specific route. We know exactly how long it will take to get a rider from point A to point B and all their stops in between. We work very diligently to schedule those stops in a manner that is the most time efficient and enjoyable for our riders. Plus, with the cost of gas these days, isn’t it great that our county offers a way to get you back and forth to the grocery store, the doctor, or wherever, at such a great price? You can’t fill a tank for that,” she said.

All transport rates are for one person one way, and fare must be paid each time an individual boards the transit vehicle. Rates are $2 within the city limits, $3.50 outside the city limits, and $4 within the county.

CATS provides affordable and reliable transportation for all individuals with disabilities who may rely on a wheelchair, walker, walking cane, or any other medical assistance equipment to help with their mobility. CATS asks that individuals notify the dispatcher of any disability equipment when scheduling an appointment for pickup.

Baxley takes pride in her role in serving the public as the CATS director.

“CATS has helped me to both grow and learn within myself. Every day is a new challenge to be able to help and accommodate the needs of the citizens of Covington County. I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to help everyone that calls, if any way possible, to be able to achieve their needs.”

Current CATS drivers are Trinity Lawson, Teresa Parker, Candace Smith, Shawn Taylor, and Jacob Yancey. “As our county population grows, so will the need for transportation. I hope to see CATS expand its fleet of vans and drivers to meet that need,” Baxley said.

CATS is located at 260 Hillcrest Drive, Box 14. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed on all county holidays. For more information call 334-428-2667.