Andalusia Health, LBW join for on-the-job training

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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LBW Community College officials met with Andalusia Health representatives and joined forces to benefit college students pursuing studies in the fields of healthcare Friday, July 29.

An apprenticeship opportunity with LBW and Andalusia Health will prepare students for careers in nursing.

“This apprenticeship provides our students with an opportunity to get on-the-job training while they’re still in college. It’s huge to partner with Andalusia Health who is one of our biggest employers. We already had a strong existing partnership with the nursing program, and this is an additional opportunity for our students and a way to strengthen the program,” Dean of Instruction Shannon Levitzke said.

Director of Workforce Development Chad Sutton added that the apprenticeship would be a huge opportunity for students and more so the community.

“It’s a huge step forward for a student to start in the nursing program and get hired by Andalusia Health. It’s the ultimate work-based learning program to get paid while they work. Students will gain experience through the apprenticeship and mentors at the hospital. It really doesn’t get any better than that. It’s a hard, tough program where they spend a lot of time studying but also working. What we have now is an opportunity for them to work and get paid while they learn. It’s the perfect model of training to have somebody start at the beginning here and work their way to being a professional. We are super excited about having this for our community, and it will be a game changer for sure,” Sutton said.

The hospital expressed its gratitude for the opportunity to align with LBW because there is a need for more bedside nurses at its location.

“We want to get our local students to work with Andalusia Health and make an impact with our community for our patients. In this day and time, it seems like a lot of nurses are going into an administrative role or a nurse practitioner role. It is so important to have well-trained nurses prepared for working in our facility and who are able to provide care for our patients. In order to do that, we need programs such as this where they will get hands-on, real-time experience,” Chief Nursing Officer Penny Nole said.

Levitzke said nursing students could get involved by contacting Health Science Division Chair Robin Eckert. Regular information sessions will also be held for students to attend.

Eckert can be reached through email or phone at 334-493-5321.