Dyess retires after 37-year career with Shaw Industries

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Adrian Dyess reflected on his work experiences as a Shaw Industries Plant 65 C-grade reliability technician for almost 37 years with a single word: stability.

“I started working for Shaw in Andalusia on Sept. 12, 1985, and decided to retire on August 31. I turned 65 in June. My wife Tina is also turning 65 and retiring in September. We will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary in December. I’ve been blessed and am very thankful,” Dyess said.

There were many changes in his 37-year tenure with the company, but some stood out more so than others. “The technology has become so advanced since I first started. Job requirements are much different now than they were back in the day, and employees’ skills have also really changed.”

Dyess was grateful to his loved ones and work partners for their help and support throughout his time with the company.

“My family, friends, and coworkers all had a part by helping and supporting me. It meant a lot. They were the driving force behind me. You need a support system, and they were mine. I will miss the many friends I made through the years,” he said.

He offered some encouraging words of advice to individuals who have chosen to work at Shaw for the first time. “Be dependable, do your job, and always be willing to learn.”

Dyess added that he is excited about his retirement.

“I am really looking forward to not having a set schedule. I would like to enjoy time with my family and friends, especially my grandchildren.”

He and his wife Tina Dyess reside in the Straughn community and are the parents of two grown sons: Dylan and Dustin (Chandlar) Dyess. They also have three grandchildren: Baylor, 6; Ledger, 3; and Magnolia, six months.